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8 мая 2014

Online Mixing and Mastering
When all your tracks are recorded, NaHati Records offers you an online mixing and mastering, as the newest way to get the coolest results in the music business!

How it works
Call us or leave an application
Fill a short Brief (requirements specification) and send files
Make a 50% deposit
We open your files, define their quality, and start working
We send you 1 min. of a finished version of your track
You make the rest of the payment
You get the full version of your track

Order an online service
Why it is good for you to work with us
Highly skilled professionals with wide experience will work on your task
We are provided with the World class equipment (Solid Stаte Logic Console and also equipment by Avalon, Manley, Crane Song, SPL, Waves, universal audio, TC Electronic)
We strictly follow the agreed terms
There is no hidden charges
Order the Mixing and get the Mastering for free!

Terms of online mixing:
Files must be in AIFF, WAV format
With the expansion of 16/24/32 bit, 44.1-96kHz
Length of your work must be less than 5 minutes, if it is longer, consult with our Office

When we receive your files, we create a session and define the quality of recorded music. If there will be an evident problem with your tracks – we will offer options for how to fix them. It is very important for efficient mixing and mastering. You can also offer an example – a reference to a sound of any artist or a group which you like, if you want to have a similar sound and/or artistic style in your mix.