Kiev obl., Vasilkiv city,
str. Polyova 54b

+38 067 555 10 02
+38 045 712 51 85
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Головна акустична кімната

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Головна акустична кімната

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NaHati Records is a complex of recording studios that provides recording, producing and mastering. We have created and have a high reputation in the field of sound and offer professional advice and assistance. It will be great to realize your talents in our atmosphere. All studios staffed with modern and vintage equipment. The control room of studio A is equipped with the famous mixing console Solid State Logic AWS 900 +, preferred by musicians all around the world. Console and converters Apogee Sympony IO support 24 channels of inputs and outputs.

Excellent sound quality studios, are built with AES acoustic format. Complex includes the wide range of near monitors such as Yamaha Ns10’s, KRK vxt6, Avantone Mix Cubes, Dynaudio AIR 20, Mackie Hr824 and distant monitors Genelec 1038b.

There are also a lot of "toys" from the world famous brands:
Avalon, Manley, Crane Song, SPL, Waves, universal audio, TC Electronic, Studer, and a wide selection of microphones.

Recently, a whole lot of singles and albums were recorded, mixed and mastered in our studios.

Our company offers services for musicians, singers, artists, labels and corporate clients:

Producing music:
- individual approach to creating music image;
- creation of the concept album and the search for stylistic direction;
- focusing artist on motivations, perceptions, artistic intentions and their training for best musical result.

Music programming:
- arrangements;
- construction;
- mastering;
- sound design;
- creating remixes;
- writing music for films, advertising, video games;
- musical arrangements for television and radio programs;
- sounding websites and mobile applications.

Sound recording:
- recording vocals and all possible musical instruments;
- simultaneous recording all membership of the musical group ( of all music composition);
- recording dubbing films and programs;
- recording audio announcements;
- recording audio books.

If you want to record a demo single or album "NaHati Records" will become the right choice for you!
  • Laura & Kristina Marti -

    Laura & Kristina Marti - "Chanapar"

    In such a turbulent time in Ukraine, recording studio "NaHati Records" continues to create music. Because only music is the main motivator to a brighter future, inspiring all of us. Now is continuing record the second album of Laura & Kristina Marti - "Chanapar" ( from Armenian means "road" ). Talented Armenian singer who is sincere Ukrainian, Laura and Christina Marti again brought together musicians on the studio and formed the main message of the album: find your way and go through it
    Добавлено: 09.12.2014
    Просмотров: 864
  • DZIDZIO feat VovaZiL'vova - Spider

    DZIDZIO feat VovaZiL'vova - Spider

      A nice result for our creative team once again ended cooperation with most positively ukrainian band - Dzidzio. The song "Spider" is significant for the group, because it reveals new trends in special sound team. The work was fruitful and saturated. All participants were satisfied with the overall style of arrangement and sound track. Enjoy listening:      
    Добавлено: 09.12.2014
    Просмотров: 735
  • Amador Lopez and

    Amador Lopez and "Rumbero's" - La la la

    We have been waiting for the long-awaited premiere of the new video Amador Lopez and band "Rumbero's". It finally held on September, 11 on the TV channel M1! We would like to thank everyone who was involved in this success, as well as those without whom this would not happen. Already you can see the HD premiere on the band's official channel on YouTube. And offer again view the video and enjoy the "continuation" of the summer. "NaHati Records" in conjunction with "Rumbero's", promise to
    Добавлено: 09.12.2014
    Просмотров: 842
  • The premiere of the video based on the social problems of car accidents due to drunk drivers!

    The premiere of the video based on the social problems of car accidents due to drunk drivers!

    This time the video clip of the group Skryabin "Don't drink driving" brightens the issue that is very relevant. Song title says true things. The members of the group say that with a new hit they want to draw attention to accidents that occur involving drunk drivers. Those who participated in this scenario creation hope that phrase will become airborne and stop not one driver for driving while intoxicated. Wish you pleasant viewing. The song was recorded at "NaHati Records" studio. Video was
    Добавлено: 09.12.2014
    Просмотров: 527